Corporate Image Corporate Image Roberts Wesleyan College Open Air Class. Roberts Wesleyan College. A class moves outdoors to the shade of a tree on a beautiful September day. 199462281 Pontifical College Josephinum I was invited to be a part of a "day -in-the-life" project for the Josephinum, but the organizer failed to realize all the students would be at an off campus activity that day. I took pictures of some lovely, empty, buildings. 199462282 Rayco Rascal Road Compactor Rayco Rascal Road Compactor. I've always been fascinated with heavy equipment, maybe that's a guy thing. The massive toothed roller and the yellow panel against the Ohio sky were too much to pass up. 199462283 Riverside Methodist Hospital Equipment Cleaning Cleaning and sorting for general hospital equipment. 199462284 Fairfield Inn, Columbus Ohio Fairfield Inn, Columbus Ohio 199462290 Coal Power As ominous as it looked, backlit in the early morning, it was mostly steam. The coal fired power plant in Conesville, Ohio has already had to cut back on power output in the face of pending clean air regulations, and may be retired. 199462291 Sleeping Power The same Conesville Ohio power plant at night. 199463759 Attornys Shot for Finger Lakes Law Group regional advertising. 199462292 The Light in the Room Roberts Wesleyan College hosted the Arts Reconnect conference. 199462294 Portable Crusher Goes to Russia Shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, Eagle Crusher Company landed a contract to provide their unique portable rock crushers to build roads in the booming Russian oil regions. The only way to get it there was to air lift it with a tank transport. 199463060 Russian Tank Trasport Aircraft I had been inside one of the US Galaxy transports, which is much larger, but this older transport was impressive because 1) it was the fist Russian military aircraft I had seen in the US, and 2) it was on a unique civilian commercial mission. 199463626 Industrial Railyard. Columbus, Ohio. Shot in the middle of the night when the temperature dropped to 15 deg F. 199463625 View of Takeoff Airliner takes off from Columbus International Airport, as seen through the architecture of the parking garage. 199463627 Emirate Airlines over Dubai Coast 200433917