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Roberts Wesleyan College RedhHawks Men's Soccer vs Stonehill

Posted on September 12, 2015 at 10:15 PM

#12 Malcom Shaw never shied away from agressive play.

I've been shooting some sports events for my favorite local institution, Roberts Wesleyan College. I decided that after shooting some nice, dry indoor women's volleball for them I would make sure my cameras' water resistance was still OK by phtographing the 2nd half of the RedHawks men's soccer game against Stonehill.  Sure enough, the cameras held up just fine.  RedHawks lost this one 3-2.

#20 Scott Carson brings the action out to midfield.

#12 Malcom Shaw's footwork is really something to watch.

#5 Will Cornfield headers the downfield throw.

#21 Michael McGinnis takes control of the ball while a Stonehill player helps with a friendly pat on the back.

More of #12 Malcom Shaw's footwork.

#12 Malcom Shaw navigating heavy traffic near the goal. The white specs in the photos are not image noise, that's just the extra large raindrops.

#6 AderounmuvTaiwo .

#21 Michael McGinnis brings down the ball in front of the goal.

#10 Logan Woods faces off with Stonehill's goalie.

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